EEDSM Best Practices

EEDSM Best Practices

Traffic lights example: Swartland Municipality, Western Cape

Technology: 50 robots with 50W (watt) light bulbs replaced with 9W LED light bulbs

Cost: ZAR 1,860,000

Savings: 29 MWh annually

Payback period: 6.5 years

Specifics:  Swartland Municipality is a small municipality which gives continuously high attention to energy efficiency technologies for its infrastructure. Swartland started with technical measures on traffic lights and is currently continuing with latest technologies for LED street lighting.


High masts example: Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality, Eastern Cape

Technology: 360 high masts with conventional light bulbs replaced with  400W LED light bulbs.

Cost: R 8,856,360

Savings: 1,050 MWh annually

Payback period: 6.9 years

Specifics: Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality contracted a locally-based company to instal and maintain 360 latest technology LED high masts, in its townships.

Office buildings example: Harry Gwala District Municipality

Technology: 912 57W conventional light bulbs replaced with 14W LED light bulbs

Cost: R 958,000

Savings: 83 MWh annually

Payback period: 6.3 years

Specifics: The former Sisonke Local Municipality has delegated its responsibilities for municipal street lighting to the Water Department of the Sisonke District Municipality because of the District Municipality’s better engineering and managing capacity. Sisonke District Municipality has also agreed to a service contract with a local company for the installation of new LED street lights.

Street lighting example: Mafube District Municipality

Technology: 1,409 mercury vapour (MV) street lights replaced with high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights.

Cost: R 2,517,344

Savings: 639 MWh annually

Payback period: 6.2 years

Specifics: Mafube District Municipality implemented an exchange programme for mercury vapour street lights to more efficient HPS lamps.

Waste water pumps example: Polokwane Local Municipality

Technology: 36 high pressure pumps with variable speed drives

Cost: ZAR 1,000,000

Savings: 2,322 MWh annually

Payback period: 3.9 years

Specifics: Polokwane Local Municipality had previously improved their traffic lights and street lights. In recent years, it has concentrated on new wastewater pumps with variable speed drives. This technical measure has a comparatively short pay-back period due to its efficiency.


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