MEPS Workshops April 2019

Invitation to Participate in a Consultative Workshop on the Introduction of new Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPSs) for Residential and Commercial Electrical Appliances and Equipment.

National Standard 941, which addresses energy efficiency of residential appliances, was made mandatory through the introduction of VC’s 9006 and 9008. Commonly referred to as Standards and Labelling (S&L), the programme gives effect to national policy relating to efficient energy usage (Energy Efficiency Strategy of 2005) and the country’s international pledges and obligations to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) covered by the above-mentioned VC’s came into effect in 2016 and 2017 respectively, targeting residential appliances such as geysers, and cooking- laundry-, dishwashing-, air-conditioning-, and refrigeration—products.

International experience has demonstrated that for savings to be maximised, it is necessary for the MEPS programme to be reviewed, upgraded, and broadened over time. In this context, the Department of Energy, with its collaborating partners, commissioned research to inform the review and broadening of the S&L programme.

Aside from the proposed upgrade of the existing MEPS for household electrical appliances, the commissioned research proposes to broaden the list of electric appliances for energy efficiency regulation by including external power supplies (EPS), televisions (TVs), computers, pool pumps, electric motors, distribution transformers, commercial refrigerators, and chillers for HVAC purposes.

The Department would like to invite you to be part at the engagements and would greatly appreciate yeursuppert and availability. To ensure that we have enough space for all stakeholders, we request one representative per company but no more than two. Stakeholders are also encouraged to attend sessions that relate to their industries. Please RSVP to and direct queries to Marcia Lephera:

Industry consultation workshops for affected parties have been scheduled to obtain stakeholder input relating to the proposed new MEPS. The workshop details are as follows:

3 April 2019

09h15 – 10h45 – External Power Supply

11h00 – 13h00 – Television

14h00 – 16h00 – Computers

4 April 2019

08h45 – 10h45 – Distribution Transformers

11h00 – 13h00 – Electric Motors

14h00 – 16h00 – Pool Pumps

5 April 2019

08h45 – 10h45 – Commercial Refrigerators

11h00 – 13h00 – Chillers


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