Please find below a list of available documents from current and past workshops. To download a document, click one of the blue links in the documents column from the workshop you are interested in.


Consultative workshop on the review of the
MEPS levels for household electrical appliances
30 November 2018Sandton- Invitation to Industry
- Existing MEPS Improvement Recommendations
Energy efficiency modelling and
policy impact workshop
29 November 2018Sandton- Berkeley Lab: BUENAS Methodology
- Berkeley Lab: Making EE more Visible
- DoE: Overview of Energy Efficiency Initiatives
- Eskom IDM: The Way Forward
- Mercy V. Shuma-Iwisi (WITS): Standards and Labelling Programme in South Africa - “The Tinges”
- UNDP: Energy Efficiency Modelling
- Urban Earth: Energy Efficiency Product Registration Database
- USAID: Energy Efficiency in Southern Africa
- USAID: Energy Efficiency Modelling & Policy Impacts
- Workshop Agenda: South Africa Energy Efficiency Modeling
Lighting industry information session26 October 2018Johannesburg- NRCS: Introduction of MEPS and Safety Requirements for Electric Lamps
- DOE: Proposed MEPS Overview - Efficient lighting component
- CLASP: Lighting Efficiency Regulations
- DOE: Energy Efficiency Product Database