Approved SA Energy Efficiency Label Training available in 2018/19

Lgit Smart Solutions will be offering training to retailer staff on the legislated and compulsory display and use of the South African Energy Efficiency Label in 2018/19. The content of the training programme is approved by the Department of Energy.

The South African Energy Efficiency Label is part of a programme primarily aimed at introducing more energy efficient appliances to the South African market with the aim of reducing electricity demand, reduce carbon emissions associated with the use of household appliances and to introduce continuous energy efficiency into the appliance manufacturing industry. The legal compulsory display and use of the Energy Efficiency Label on all major appliances is now in effect for all South African retailers and those who do not comply may face sanction, which could include destruction and confiscation of goods by the NRCS.  

Both retail appliance sales personnel and online appliance web developers are encouraged to ensure they have received this training on the SA Energy Efficiency label display and use.  

Training cost is R1,610 (including VAT) per delegate which includes a light lunch and certificate on completion of the assessment. Training starts at 09:00 and will be completed by 15:00.

Dates for SA Energy Efficiency Label training 2018/19:
  • Friday 23 November 2018
  • Friday 7 December 2018
  • Friday 25 January 2019
  • Friday 22 February 2019

Training Venue:  Building 27 The Woodlands,  Woodlands Drive in Woodmead, Johannesburg.

Training includes important information on the legal requirements for the label and sales training on how to explain the label to customers in person and online to assist them to buy more efficiently. To secure your training spot, email or send an SMS to 071 368 6320.